Introduction to Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the particles that make up matter and the changes the particles can undergo.

Classify the branches of chemistry

Branches of chemistry are;

  • Analytical ; this branch of chemistry investigates what substances are made of. It helps chemists to identify chemicals that are present is the sample and measure their quantity.
  • Biochemistry; this is the field of chemistry that deals with the study of the chemical nature of the living matter. It investigates the chemical compounds and energy changes in living system.
  • Inorganic; is the study of compounds that do not contain carbon except carbonates.
  • Physical Chemistry ; is the study of physical characteristics of materials and how they react to each other.
  • Organic chemistry; is the study of substances that contains carbon.

The importance of chemistry.

  • Agriculture; Farmers use fertilizers made from chemical elements such as nitrogen, phosphorous to improve soil quality.
  • Industry mining, chemistry is applied in the extraction of metals such as copper from copper ores.
  • Plastics; are made from crude oil or coal.
  • Medicine; in the manufacture of drugs from plants, chemical processes are used.
  • Home use e.g. detergents and household soaps are designed to do the best job possible from the knowledge

The challenge of chemical industrial activities

Production of undesired harmful by-products such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide harm environment.