Flow Chart

A flowchart refers to the diagram that represent a process flow that enables in making decision making easy

Flowchart Diagram representation

The following are the meaning of the diagrams to put at the back of you head when coming up with a flowchart

Flowchart example 1

Example 1

The diagram below shows a flow chart for a program to calculate tax on an income.

Flowchart example 2

Complete the below

Income Tax k2900 k5000


In box 1 you’re just starting the program

In box 2 you enter the income then the program will do the calculation of tax

In box 2 the suggestion will be made by the program, If income is less than 3 000, the program will use the arrow where it says yes, tax will be zero and will be displayed in the Output Tax box.

Use the first income , is it less than 3 000?

Yes so the calculation will follow the yes route and tax will be zero

Income Tax k2900 0 k5000

Use the second income 5000 is it less than 3 000?

No so the calculation will follow the No route and tax will be calculated as follows

Tax = 0.3 * (Income - 3000)

Substitute into the formula, income = 5000.

Tax = 0.3 * (5000 - 3000)

Tax = 0.3 * (2000)

Tax = 600

Therefore below is the Completed diagram

Income Tax k2900 k0 k5000 k600

Example 2

The diagram below is an incomplete program flow chart to calculate the area, A, of the triangle below

Flowchart example 3

Complete the flow chart below by writing appropriate statements in the blank symbols


determine the formula to use for finding the area of a triangle. You have two sides k and ladjacent (attached) to the angle .

Use trigonometry formula 1 2 × a × b × Sin θ

so when the computer program begin, you have to feed it with the values of k, l and θ and as indicated in the follow chart.

Enter the formula 1 2 × a × b × Sin θ In programming use * in place of × . So the answer will be;

Flowchart example 4

Draw flowchart from pseudocode

The programme below is given in form of a pseudocode.


Enter Radius

If Radius < 0

Then display "error message" and re-enter positive radius

Else enter slant height

If slant height < 0

Then display "error message" and re-enter positive slant height

Else Area = π*r*(r + slant height )

End if

Display Area


Draw the corresponding flowchart for the information given below


Flowchart example 5

Write pseudocode from flowchart

Flowchart example 6




Enter r

if r < 0 , display error and enter positive r

if r > 0 then

let Area = 1/2 * square radius * sin

Then display Area and

Stop the program

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